Could you say no to that face?

My skepticism of Hillary Clinton remains unaddressed. Between her largely terrible, fanatically hawkish foreign policy record and her long history of being a poor judge of character and ability, you really have the makings of a very special presidency in terms of staffing the government and running foreign policy, two of the biggest responsibilities of any president. I am leaning towards Sanders at the moment because he seems like the best overall package–O’Malley has the administrative side covered and Webb has a foreign policy I largely like, but both have major deficiencies apart from those areas–but I’m not really sure he’s got what I’m looking for either. I agree with Bernie’s message and I do think he connects, but ultimately people concerned with the issues he’s discussing should be working to elect a better Congress. That would make more of an impact. The difference between Clinton and Sanders with a Congress like the present one would be fairly small on domestic policy, I think. Working for that seems a bit pointless. OTOH, the difference between a president who once joined with Joe Lieberman to essentially declare pre-emptive war on Iran and one who might actually keep us out of every damn conflict that doesn’t concern us that the media picks up and shakes around is a very different story. Sanders might be such a person–he did vote against Lieberman-Kyl, after all, along with a depressingly small number of Democrats even after everyone had turned against the Iraq War–but he talks about foreign policy even less than Clinton. Still, he’s my choice at this point.

Does Biden fit the bill? Well, the guy certainly has been right more often than Clinton on foreign policy. The federal structure he proposed for Iraq way back in the day has recently been quite vindicated by events, and during his time as Vice President he’s counseled restraint more often than never, which is how often Clinton has done it. But I fear that his entry into the race is based on a reaction to the bullshit Clinton scandals rather than a desire to hold her accountable for the actual mistakes she’s made. If he wanted to run on that basis, nothing’s been stopping him before now. So I’m wary of it.

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