Hillary Clinton may be sounding all the right notes on domestic policy, but her foreign policy instincts remain worse than terrible. Given that the former has much more to do with Congress’s makeup than with the president, and the latter is almost exclusively the president’s bailiwick, in a sane system Democrats would try to find someone with acceptable domestic policy views and a great track record on foreign policy. But that’s not going to happen, because leadershipocity from the president will make single payer law, everyone knows that. Unfortunately, Clinton’s reckless rhetoric and unwise over-promising will undoubtedly lead to needless (and politically damaging) conflict, but the Democratic Party as a whole seems to still think that winning over military family whites in the Deep South is more important than living in a peaceful world. Whatever you might say of Bernie Sanders, neither his words nor his record reflect this, which makes him (not only in this respect) the smarter choice.

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