Bob Saget will almost certainly participate in Fuller House. Sure, it might seem odd for a guy who’s spent nearly two decades distancing himself from all of that to jump back in, but I liken it to Joe Rogan spending years bemoaning Fear Factor and then returning to Fear Factor. While there are people in show business who have scruples and standards, neither of those guys is one that immediately comes to mind as having them. Riding the fame pony one more time will always win out.

Also, this show is going to be just unspeakably awful, in no small part because of how awful the original was. I don’t know if people my age objectively remember just how lousy child entertainment was back in the day, but you could make the case that it was the worst it’s ever been in the late 80s/early 90s. I mean, you had the avalanche of cliched, unfunny dumb jokes that was Step By Step, the astonishing contempt for the audience of Family Matters (IRL, Steve Urkel’s tossed-off inventions should have earned him a dozen Nobel prizes), the bizarre phoniness of Saved By The Bell, for starters. And that’s just TV. Toss in such other ephemera as Barney the Dinosaur and Raffi and you get a generation bred on lousy entertainment. This explains a lot, actually.

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