Ding dong, Fred Phelps is dead.

Some Twitter users have welcomed the death of the outspoken Pastor with strong words.

One user wrote: “Burn in hell Fred Phelps. Not one to normally cheer a death but this one feels nice.”

Another said: “Fred Phelps is dead. But sadly, Westboro Baptist will still live on.. Good riddance though.”

And a third wrote: “Dear Fred Phelps: sorry you’re going to fucking burn in hell, you gay bashing Soldier hating shitbag.”

I haven’t be as happy to dance on someone’s grave since Jesse Helms’s still-living rotting corpse lost its inexplicable lifeforce and sunk back into the bog from which he came.


  1. Mark Schumaker says:

    I will not hate this person. Not will I wish him bad. After all if I did it would do 2 things to me. One, I would allow hatred in and it would start eating me up, as it did him. Two, I would become a copy of him. Rather I pity someone who claimed to speak for the Lord but never knew him. Our Lord does not hate. As a Christian I follow the Gospels and try to live my life as Christ taught. Fred Phelps could not do that. As a Christian I believe that it is the Lords job to judge people, not mine. Saying all this, and believing it all, I still will not miss him.

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