I have to admit, the wisdom of the decision to put the 2022 World Cup in Qatar far outclasses the wisdom of the Sochi games. It’s entirely inexplicable unless you assume that bribes were being handed about like so many cigars or candies to men too stupid to notice how badly they would look by just taking these favors and giving the most progressive regime of the 13th Century what they wanted. You gotta love this:

Theo Zwanzinger, Germany’s member of the Fifa executive, admitted conditions for migrant workers in Qatar were “absolutely unacceptable”, agreed that human rights considerations should play a bigger role in the decisions of world and European football authorities, and added that Fifa would be carrying out detailed and independent monitoring of the working conditions surrounding the World Cup building boom. But there could be no going back on decisions already taken.

“This feudal system existed [in Qatar] before the World Cup,” he said. “What do you expect of a football organisation? Fifa is not the lawmaker in Qatar.”

So the obvious question is: why the hell do them in Qatar in the first place? Is it the nice, temperate climate, perfect for athletics? The convenient location? The selective, geographically limited appeal of soccer? Oh, wait, soccer is the most popular game in the world and there are 190 whole countries out there who could be considered. In fact, you have to think hard about which countries would be worse to host a worldwide sporting event. Yemen? Probably. Iran? Probably not. Hell, holding it in North Korea would make about as much sense, given the overtly feudal makeup of how those two societies operate. And the dimension of using de facto slave labor to build things to entertain Westerners is as sick as always, though in this case it’s even better as it happens to be entirely unnecessary.

According to Google Translate, the words he’s looking for are, “Fehler gemacht wurden.”

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