I give up. I read an article today in a normal newspaper (I know: grandpa). that was all scary and breathless about the literally tens of billions of people who are getting health insurance for the first time, who are buying the low cost Bronze plans, and, as a result, are gonna be all angry and surprised once they get sick and the Bronze plan only picks up like, what, 60% of the bill. You would think the article would take great pains to emphasize that, if the person remained uninsured and got hurt, they would have to pay ***100%*** of their medical bills. I know that “if it bleeds, it leads”, especially in the social media era, is the Prime Directive of all news today. But, fuuuuck…

So much of the reporting on Obamacare is just naked sensationalist journalistic malpractice. I just can’t bring myself to read another concern-trolling article about Ma and Pa Applepie having their premiums rise and network of doctors shrink, without also happening to mention the tiny fact that they’re gonna get a subsidy to lower the premium, AND finally have a plan that won’t immediately drive them into medical bankruptcy if they ever get hurt.

I can hardly stand this anymore. I used to deride people who didn’t take their civic responsibility to be informed about the policies and people who reign in our country, but goddamit if republicans and the news media aren’t (as intended) beating my brain into a quivering pulp that finds it too painful to pay attention anymore. Arrrrgh….!


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