This isn’t anywhere near the worst example, but here’s yet another article about the terrifying, soul-crushing, Dante’s-inferno-grade hellfire inconvenience that a reporter was compelled to endure as part of the process of signing up for Obamacare:

Signing up for health care on the national exchanges … was an annoying and distasteful way to use my free time. I ended up spending several hours over the course of multiple days on, and I’m still not sure that I will be covered next year. I hope I’ll receive that letter—why not an email sent as I signed up?—soon.

Annoyance!? Distaste!? Several hours of effort… over literally multiple days!?!?? And he has to wait for a letter, not, gasp, a totally modern email!?!!!?!!

Get this man some laudanum and a fainting couch, stat!

Or, more appropriately: “Sack the fuck up.”

As usual, we see no caveat somewhere in the article about the relative unimportance of his inconvenience as compared to saving $1,500 on health insurance and, more importantly, contributing to process that now provides quality health insurance options to millions of Americans (like him) who had overpriced insurance but no options, or to people who had no options or coverage whatsoever.

We really don’t have any sense of perspective or proportionality in this country anymore…


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