Another fantastic Honest Trailer:

It is a really bizarre kids’ movie in retrospect. It doesn’t impart any kind of desirable social values to children, or model any kind of desirable behavior. I do remember my mother telling me after watching it that I definitely should not try to behave like Kevin and should just call the police and run to a neighbor’s house if anyone tried to break into the house, which is sensible advice. Booby-trapping your house in ways that could just as easily destroy it–and yourself–is not so sensible. It’s pretty much the opposite of what a kids’ movie ought to be, and yet it’s not really subversive. It’s not like, say, Rebel Without A Cause, which sets out to show that following the rules and going with the flow can be an unsatisfying, immoral outcome. Home Alone is just kind of a dumb movie. Though subsequent sequels make it look smart if only by comparison…


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