I was just wondering whether Obamacare might get more popular in connection with Republicans getting hammered for holding the country hostage over the issue of Obamacare.  Seems possible.

  1. Matmos says:

    I don’t think “because of”; I think what it might do will be underscore the fact that the GOP’s statements (I don’t use the word “views” here because “views” implies “belief” and how can one believe in the beliefs of grifters?) about ACA “unpopularity” don’t actually match reality — or, if they *are* in any way real, it won’t stop the uninsured from using the hell out of the program.

    I’m interested though — how did you think the shutdown might increase popularity?

    • Metavirus says:

      my thought is that the rabid front-page fight over how evil and Fail obamacare is, compared against the fact that the affordable care act is going to likely result in millions of stories about how the act has helped people, may result in an even more prominent public impression (due to tons of media exposure) that the ACA is a good thing and helps people. tenuous thinking, to be sure.

      i also think republicans’ efforts to slime the ACA with the sneering “Obamacare” label is gonna bite them in the ass and give a huge boost to democrats. once tons of people see the benefits rolling out, and all sorts of people around them get health insurance that is suddenly affordable, the successful implementation of the ACA will still be “Obamacare” in people’s eyes -- and that constant name repetition raise Obama and the dems’ prospects and leverage. ESPECIALLY once people combine their distaste of a GOP shutdown with the realization that republicans were actually fighting against a good law that helps people.

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