What with assholes (“Yoho”? Really?) who’re making life worse for everybody saying they’re Rosa Parks (via) and Senator Aqua Buddha all keen like Charlie Sheen (via), it’s been quite the day for bad comparisons — so obvs, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring vis a vis Ted “Costa Concordia” Cruz. I’m thinking either a) Jim Jones: the Final Picnic, or 2) An Evening with Milo Radulovich and Friends.

From Ted Cruz unmasks his own confidence game on the Plum Line:

Cruz’s call on House Republicans yesterday to keep up the fight was a signal to the troops to prepare to train their fire on Boehner again. But the swift denunciation from House Republicans suggests they aren’t going to lie down and take it anymore if and when that happens. They will push back with the reality-based argument that House Republicans have done all they can to prop up this scam — giving Cruz and company exactly what they asked for — and that ultimately it’s unworkable. And they can use Cruz’s own words to do so. In the end Cruz’s own suggestion that this will all be on House Republicans fatally undermines his whole confidence game, because it’s effectively an admission that the scam ultimately can’t be made to work.

Yes? No? Maybe so? More on TPM.


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