If it’s okay with you, I’m just going to take a powder on this one. It’s only minimally news, we knew that Obama wants to cut “entitlements” already, only now he’s just putting it in an official document that is going to be duly ignored by Paul Ryan in a matter of months. The article characterizes it as an attempt to curry favor with Republicans by compromising with himself before compromising with them, a strategy that not only has never worked, but has never not caused major problems for the Administration when tried. But since the odds of a deal even happening are equivalent to having the winning lottery ticket struck by lightning, I mostly just don’t care. It’s going to have near-zero impact, though if the comments on the piece are any indication, the higher profile of a budget proposal could help hasten a return of the disgruntled left circa 2010, which will be flipping fantastic going into the midterms next year. Worth saying again: the simplest way out of the sequester is to get enough military Republicans to buckle and support outright repeal. The hardest way is to try to replace it with a grand bargain.

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