You really should read the new GOP report on why they suck so much ass (via).  It’s pretty good.  It contains lovely gems like this:

Jack Kemp used to say, “No one cares what you know until they know you care.” …  The perception, revealed in polling, that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the Party and its candidates. …

Our policies and actions must take into account that the middle class has struggled mightily and that far too many of our citizens live in poverty.

Our job as Republicans is to champion private growth so people will not turn to the government in the first place. But we must make sure that the government works for those truly in need, helping them so they can quickly get back on their feet.  We should be driven by reform, eliminating, and fixing what is broken, while making sure the government’s safety net is a trampoline, not a trap.

If it wasn’t so sad, you could almost be amused by the one-dimensional infantile thinking in there.

“Gee whiz, if we just go in there and (a) help plutocrats become more rich, and (b) reform [i.e., gut] some of that hateful socialism safety net, all those capable, upwardly mobile wage-earners will bounce right off the public dole in a few weeks and go on to make enough middle class money to support a family.”


Oh right, I guess they forgot that the hyper-financialization of our economy over the past few decades has driven a huge share of corporate earnings into executive pay and gargantuan piles of hoarded cash that no one knows what to do with.  In a period of never-ending record corporate profits, employment rolls remain frozen (or contracting) – driven largely by employers taking advantage of the financial crisis to squeeze existing workers even harder to make them do more work for the same (often inadequate) pay.  Why hire more moochers when you can just add 5 more tasks to everyone else’s job description?  After all, they should be thanking Jesus that they even HAVE a job, amirite??

Perhaps Republicans might want to ruminate on the millions of hard-working families who work three or more jobs and still have to collect food stamps because their wages, in real terms, have continued to decline year after year.  Maybe they want to ponder the Sophie’s Choice millions of people have to make between relying on public assistance or going to work at a shitty job that pays hardly anything and (naturally) offers no health insurance – in many cases because someone in the family is sick, and the loss of health care coverage would be too financially devastating.

But no, Republicans.  Keep on keeping on with your heartless “All people need is a kick in the ass to get them out of poverty and make them stop sucking off the government teat.”  Never stop believing that larding up corporate balance sheets will trickle down largesse upon the little people.  Continue to have faith that tearing down government will result in the private sector choosing to do the right thing all by themselves.

Because eventually even the idiots who don’t know it yet will catch on.


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