I’m sitting back and again remarking to myself how absolutely loony it is that nearly all of the world’s energy needs are fed by steam.

Steam power got dreamed up 2,000+ years ago, fer fuxake!  Archimedes came up with a steam cannon back around 200 BCE.  Leonardo da Vinci trod the same road in 15th century Italy (decades before Galileo hurt Baby Jeebus’s feelings by showing that  the Earth revolved around the Sun!).

It boggles the mind that, for all our advances in other fields of science and engineering, nearly every power plant you’ll ever see runs off an old-timey steam turbine.  We can put a man on the moon but we can’t come up with a large-scale replacement for a bunch of huge clunky magnets spinning against some boring ol’ copper wire!?  Even the gargantuan avalanches of energy released in the process of splitting the atom inside a nuclear reactor get channeled into a stupendously disappointing process that sparked in someone’s mind around the time that Moses came down with the tablets.

C’mon…  The best we can come up with are solar cells!?, which convert the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect? Where’s my gravimetric field displacement manifold??, which would channel the energy released in a matterantimatter annihilation directly into a given power grid/warp field?

Grumble… and I still want my rocket pack too…


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