ny_12991Today’s case of omgareyouseriouslyfuckingkiddingme-youridiculousmediaassholes:

A number of readers have raised questions [ed: FAINT!] about the president’s statement that he goes skeet shooting “all the time”… In these suspicious times, they would like to see some evidence. But the White House has been oddly silent about the matter.

OMG! Questions have been raised! The White House is being SILENT!! Bring this man some smelling salts!

For those of you who haven’t seen the Standard Media Playbook, here’s what happens with bullshit like this:

  1. WaPo asshole shoots a quick inquiry into the White House on the earth-shatteringly-important question of whether Obama is lying about his skeet shooting claims – in the face of exactly ZERO evidence to suggest that.
  2. White House aides receive WaPo asshole’s stupid fucking inquiry and then proceed to laugh and pass it around to friends and loved ones to spur similar bouts of hilarity.
  3. While said White House aides are languidly enjoying themselves, WaPo asshole rushes out an OMGZ ALARMS! “Fact Check” article, which makes dark and insidious insinuations about those mean White House aides who are TOTALLY IGNORING MY SERIOUS INQUIRY, GUYS! SERIOUSLY!
  4. WaPo asshole’s fact check article predictably (MOAR DELICIOUS LINKS PLEASE!) stirs up the Right Wing Outrage Machine to Level 10 (,000,000!!), and wingnuts breathlessly bemoan how President O’Stalin McHitler is like totally plotting secret FEMA death camps under the code name “America Skeet Shoot” because Jesus.
  5. White House aides check the intertrons at some point and see WaPo asshole’s stupid fucking fact check. They then send him an email with a photo showing Obama skeet shooting (which, presumably, WaPo asshole could have found himself by searching said intertrons) with a subject line reading “Are you serious? Suck on this.”
  6. WaPo asshole posts the photo as an “update” to an article that remains titled: “The White House’s curious silence about Obama’s claim of skeet shooting”. Thus, the whole stupid fucking exercise will be enshrined in the Articles of Impeachment that Eric Cantor is drawing up as the 438,311th count of High Treason.

No wonder so many people choose to completely ignore politics and the media bullshit surrounding it.


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  1. Matmos says:

    You know, I was just thinking yesterday that maybe the standard national news shows and press blah-blahs oughtta all have a 5 minute montage entitled “shit that’s too stupid to cover” that will allow them to air the nonsense various factions are gassing about while giving them cover to talk about things that are more important than, say, Kim Kardassian’s whatever. A small step away from confusing actual news with tabloid “shit we’re covering solely because somebody mentioned it”.

    Now I’m-a go daydream about doing the backstroke in a pool filled with K-Pop stars because if I’m gonna be thinking about impossible nonsense, why not shoot for the moon, amirite?

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