Scott Walker needs to be target #1 for Democrats next year. Not only because of his ideology and way of doing business, but also because I fear him as a 2016 presidential candidate. If he gets another term, he’ll be exceptionally well-positioned for a run as a swing-stater with a strong base and access to endless money. Also, he’s a total reactionary who’s not from the Deep South, and who is taken seriously by the media. It’s a very scary idea.

The good news is that, contrary to conventional wisdom, he’s hardly a lock for another term. Walker is slightly underwater on the job approval question now, and virtually all Democrats are competitive with him in hypothetical matchups. Feingold’s actually ahead, but I wouldn’t count on that guy to make the race. In fact, nobody’s gotten in the race yet, but it’s going to be fierce. Low-turnout races with few undecideds are prime for scorched-earth negativity, especially with the money Walker will raise, and I worry that the state’s top Democrats are going to take a powder and wait to take on Ron “Sunspots” Johnson, the deadest man walking running since Ricky Santorum six years ago.

Still, it’s a good sign that this race is doable. Knocking off Walker will be tough, but the reward will be twice as great.

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