Interesting article about young liberals in the Times. In many ways, it really does appear that an ideological shift is likely in the medium-term. It would appear that a tendency to avoid being too partisan is a persistent pathology that’s been transferred down, but the underlying opinions are encouraging, and might matter more. I don’t think it’s incredibly healthy to just assume the next generation will save us because values tend to change over time–you know, hippies becoming Reaganites and all that. But I’d rather be us than them at this point.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    i know i’m just proving my agedness by saying this, but here it is: i am very suspicious of those damn kids today. what, with their tweeting and the degenerate tween entertainment and the hipping and the hopping… and don’t get me STARTED on the vampires and werewolves…

    i’m only half kidding.

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