I’ve been having a Bored today and happened upon a fascinating court complaint involving some quack unintentionally making more of an ass of himself than others could hope to do at his expense.  It’s long, and a peculiar thing to derive enjoyment from – but if you’re so inclined, enjoy.

Edit: I clicked around and read PZ Meyers’ review of said quack’s book.  Do not fuck with PZ Meyers: 

In light of the fundamental disconnect from reality represented by the substance of the book, it’s almost unfair to critique the unprofessionalism of the presentation, but it’s got to be said: it’s also terribly done.

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  1. Matmos says:

    I’m only partway through this guy’s screed, but already I’m reminded of the time I worked in a publishing office where some dude sumbitted an alien abduction manuscript — and included as proof of the abduction a Xerox copy of his watch that had been stopped by Bertold rays or something at the time he got snatched.

    Or maybe he just dropped it. Not sure.

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