Amongst the jibs of which I likes the cut, the DailyKOS’ Hunter is equalled only by, say, the Reverend Billy and Martina Stawski. From Ken Cuccinelli says crazy conservative Justice Scalia isn’t conservative enough:

A campaign spokesman later clarified that [Virginia Attorney General] Cuccinelli would be giving further statements on the matter only in the form of confused, pantomime-riddled rants, possibly with mutterings about how we must kill the Batman.


  1. Lev says:

    Guess the one fluky liberalish ruling we get every ten years or so must make him an unacceptable RINO.

    • Matmos says:

      I have trouble in general figuring out what people actually believe and what’s just bread-and-circuses for the plebes. Or maybe I just can’t believe anybody *actually* believes what seems like obvious bread-and-circuses.

      • Metavirus says:

        politicians are basically meat with pink slime. but in politicians the ratio of meat to pink slime is 10% meat -90% slime, whereas with burgers the ratio of meat to pink slime is often 85% meat-15% slime.

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