• I was in a place where CNN’s “Your Money” was playing, and Stephen Moore of the WSJ was blabbing about how using the debt ceiling as leverage was no big deal because one time it was used to force a vote on a balanced budget amendment. Obviously, tying a must-pass increase in the debt ceiling to a symbolic vote that would never pass is roughly the same to taking the economy hostage, with the ransom price being hideously unpopular and pointlessly cruel cuts in public spending. Moore (who seems to be an omnipresence in bolstering the ongoing debt ceiling extortion, even though he’s supposedly a reporter) was not challenged on any point he made. This does not make me feel bad that CNN is faltering.
  • Got a visitor at the home base the next day by a representative of a telecom company. Let’s just say it’s a company well-known for poor customer service. The guy asked if “Danny” is home, which is neither my nor my spouse’s name, nor the name of the people who lived in the apartment before us, presumably for at least a year. After hearing that “Danny” wasn’t there, the guy didn’t just move on to try to find him, but went straight into a hard sell on their premier TV service. It was not successful. Then, as if to underscore the shamelessness, he knocked right on the door next door. Has to find “Danny” somehow.As I said, this particular company isn’t particularly known for handling people well. But this is something else–a gimmick that even the least-cynical among us could see through. I hadn’t realized just how much I didn’t miss door-to-door salesmen until then. And here is my tip for people wanting to escape irritating salesmen: whatever they’re selling, say you get it for free. For example, if someone wants to sell you a newspaper subscription? Say you get it for free at work. There’s no place to go after that. It’s always shown success for me.
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  1. Matmos says:

    That door-to-door thing reminds me of the ads-disguised-as-polls I did while doing time as a cold call survey drone.

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