From Rupert Murdoch Wants Stricter Gun Laws After Newtown, But Fox News Doesn’t Get the Memo by Gabriel Sherman via Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

This doesn’t surprise me:

According to sources, David Clark, the executive producer in charge of Fox’s weekend coverage, gave producers instructions not to talk about gun-control policy on air.

but this does:

Within hours of the attack, [Rupert Murdoch] took to Twitter to call for an automatic-weapons ban. “Terrible news today. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy,” he wrote, referring to Australia’s move to ban assault weapons in 1996 after a man used two semiautomatic rifles to kill 35 people and wound 21.

I knew that there was no love lost between Ailes and the Murdochlets, but I thought RA and the Big M were in agreement over most things.


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