Before you get all mad at the shitty patent troll here, remember that the U.S. Patent Office is the one granting all the shitty patents:

This week, [patent troll company Lodsys] filed two lawsuits [] claiming that it invented common features like "live interactive chat," use of a "feedback soliciting FAQ," as well as "user feedback forms."

I often kick myself for not trying to patent something like "a method for collecting user input by displaying a rectangular box on a web page in which a user will type letters and other characters and when finished hit a button to submit the information".  Profit!

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  1. Matmos says:

    One hyphenated word: 1-Click.

    That said, until just the now I hadn't realized that Amazon's European patent claim had been rejected — or at least as of July 2011.  Canada looks like they issued Amazon a patent as of March this year.

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