I don't have a copy of Jim DeMint's book Saving Freedom handy — although I'm thinking about braving the hog cholera down at my recycle center's book bin over the weekend and I might get lucky — so I can't check on the context for the following Dave Weigel quote on Slate:

“There is nothing in this oath about representing my district and state or helping the poor and downtrodden,” [DeMint] would remember. “There was nothing about responding to the woes of the American people.”

That said, great galloping gourmet. I just do not understand how that kinda sentiment can be reconciled with all the godbothering that goes on in certain quarters. I mean, I went to Catholic school for 12 years, I've read the relevant tracts — one would think that Jeebus would not approve of close-reading oaths to see how much care-for-thy-fellows you could, y'know, avoid or obstruct.

H/T For the Slate article to Jonathan Bernstein at plainblogaboutpolitics.


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