It’s really sad that so many people have become so desensitized to school shootings over the years. We now just treat them as some kind of unexplainable natural disaster over which we have no power. When Hurricane Sandy hit, people prayed for the victims but *also* sought out the reasons for why NYC was so unprepared and what they need to do to avoid another similar disaster in the future. But when it comes to yet another horrific school shooting, in which dozens of people (including 18 children!!) are peppered to death with endless sprays of ammunition from automatic weapons, all people do now is pray for the victims – and then go back to burying their heads in the sand when it comes to trying to figure out what we can do to protect our kids in the future.

The NRA’s relentlessly successful campaign to make taboo any discussion of responsible and rational gun control has cowed the overwhelming majority of us. So much so that most of us mindlessly parrot the same focus-group tested lines the NRA has drilled into our collective consciousness for so long: “Just pray for the victims, let’s not debate,” “This is not the time,” “You’re so cruel for politicizing a tragedy,” and on and on.

In the aftermath of yet another senseless school shooting, we are again presented with a deadly serious choice that none of us can avoid making: either (1) stick your heads back in the sand and push our country blindly forward through a neverending string of similar tragedies that we continue to do nothing about, or (2) stand up and join a chorus of other voices screaming out for our country to finally conduct a serious and fact-based inquiry into what we can do to mitigate the risk of hundreds more murders from which some of the blood also spills onto our hands.

  1. Chunzilla says:

    Exactly. If these horrific tragedies were due to poison, the commentariat and legislators would be all over it, demanding and DOING the necessary research leading to swift and effective action. *Gun rights* is NOT a complicated issue, not constitutionally or practically…that is the dirty little truth the billionaire gun lobbies and some--not all--NRA advocates don’t want you to know. It’s an *industry.* Unfortunately, it now manifests as a cancer, rather than as a reasonable healthy protectorate of liberty…a cancer that is killing it’s host. Extreme positions--all guns must be legal, or ban all guns--serve no one. Just as the tide is hopefully shifting on the irrational stranglehold Grover Norquist has had over Republicans and reason regarding taxes, the stranglehold of the gun lobbies must be confronted by facts and reason. I am an NRA member. I value their gun safety classes. I value the responsible ownership and use of guns for law enforcement, for those who hunt, or for home protection. But the current reality of guns, lobbies, and laws--a multi billiion dollar industry-- does not reflect reasonable sane gun use or ownership. It is extreme and out of control, a cancer that is killing it’s host…and our children. Have some balls, and stand up to this intentional manipulation of our basic rights.

  2. Until we can stop worshiping at the alter of the gunman, change our basic philosophy about what is self defense and what we need to have it, more children will die. 10k people a year die from gun usage in the US. A minority of our citizens claim that they have to be armed to the teeth to protect themselves from the government but all that happens is more kids die. If the government went after you, all your auto weapons would not make a difference. Three rounds of RPG to your house would end your stand . What we are currently doing is insane

  3. neoprimitive says:

    […] our own role in tragedies like this, we need not look toward school prayer. We have become so thoroughly desensitized to school shootings and similar crimes in the U.S. that we are unable to have intelligent […]

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