I meant well. Really I did.

See, I was forwarded a link to the UNLV's 'Dreaming the Skyline', which is quite interesting, although a little (at least for me) confusing to navigate. The site contains photographs and conceptual/architectural drawings covering the history of Las Vegas. From the site's About page:

This project draws exclusively from the architectural collections of UNLV Libraries Special Collections.These consist primarily of sets of architectural drawings and renderings from the offices of the two major hotel architects working in Las Vegas from 1954 to the 1980s: Martin Stern, Jr., and Homer Rissman. Stern’s drawings were acquired in 1996 when he closed his Los Angeles office. Soon after, Homer Rissman agreed to donate his drawings and records, although the collection was not transferred from his Las Vegas office until after his death in 2001. The photographic images for this project are drawn from the UNLV Special Collections photograph collections.

The conceptual drawing for the proposed LV light rail system is especially cool, with a slight Jetson vibe.

So I was going to peruse the site, and perhaps report on some neat Vegas history, with tie-ins to popular TV shows, architectural trends of the fifties, and neat kitsch oddities of the area.

But oh, no. Accompany me if you will in my descent to the lowest, most common of denominators:

  • The site has brief bios of the architects mentioned above,  Rissman and Stern.
  • Stern's article quotes an anecdote about Kirk Kerkorian, Las Vegas real estate mogul and developer of the MGM Grand:

" . . . and (Kirk) Kerkorian said, "I want to build a hotel."

and I said, "What kind of hotel?"
"A Big One"
from a conversation with Martin Stern, Jr.
  • Wanting to know more about my betters, I looked up Kirk Kerkorian.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

YouTube video from Flash Mob America via MGM Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian Surprised with Flash Mob for His 95th Birthday on The Hollywood Reporter.


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