The fact that something like this needs to be said gives me a Sad:

Jeb Bush Jr., the son of for­mer Flori­da Gov. Jeb Bush (R), on Tues­day defend­ed Sen. Marco Rubio as “pro-science” after the Flori­da Repub­li­can said he was not sure if the Earth was cre­at­ed in seven actu­al days because “it’s one of the great mysteries.”

  1. 0whole1 says:

    The best thing I read about literalism was that if the earth really is 6000 years only, then it means our understanding of the decay rate of radioactive materials is way off, which means that people living near reactors need to run real fast.

    At times, I don’t think people *actually* believe what they say they believe — it’s just one more tribal identification, like red robes or facial tattoos.

  2. 0whole1 says:

    Most conservatives aren’t drunks, but most drunks are conservatives…Interesting article, although it’s just playing on my preconcepts, so maybe cathartic rather than constructive.

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