First off: Hell yes! That’s what I’m talking about when it comes to winning an election. And unlike 2008, where the taste of victory was tainted by the aftertaste of Prop 8, this one was made sweeter by the four states going for equality (as I, and a few others, predicted they would). I’m going to do a post evaluating my predictions later on, but still: I don’t see how this doesn’t hasten the end of the “traditional marriage” movement and after this show of force I suspect funding for constitutional bans is going to be much harder to come by in the future. It’s a complete, fucking epic defeat for people who badly deserved it.

I have, before, publicly mocked people who subscribe to the Mayan theory that the apocalypse is imminent. It’s one of those things that’s so dumb, simply knowing that a lot of dim people (let’s call them low-information voters) actually believe them. But it looks like they were right in one respect: 2012 truly is the apocalypse for truly one of the worst state parties in the nation, the California Republican Party. Yes, the state’s Democrats are no prize, but the GOP here are worse than the State GOP in places like Texas, where they actually do things that involve governing. The California GOP is deeply cynical, exploiting antidemocratic loopholes to prevent governing as much as possible in order to extort demands from the majority. And, as I predicted, they have paid the full price for it. The Democrats now have over 2/3 of the seats in the state legislature, thus nullifying the worst component of Prop 13. In addition, the California GOP lost a whole mess of U.S. House seats, now holding only 15 of the 53 House seats if current leads hold. That’s not, you know, ridiculously out of line for a party that represents about 35% of the public at best, but it is still a huge comedown. And that number is inflated, since the 31st is a strong Dem district that Repubs got a fluke win in, thanks to the “top two” system and Democrats splitting too many different ways, and will probably be an easy pickup in the next cycle. In addition, the voters of the state approved a tax increase by initiative, and thus decided to continue having a public education system. Republicans I know are awfully sad about all of this, and it’s devastating from their perspective. Because…Reagan! Hippies! Woodstock! Probably the only way they’ll be able to exert influence now is either by billionaire-funded initiatives–which worked just great this last time–or by finally deciding to be constructive for a change. Which…come on, stop laughing! Seriously…all they have to do is to be bipartisan and accept some responsibility…

Okay, I can’t stop myself either. But the moment has arrived.

Update: Oh, and Republicans lost the San Diego mayoralty, which is pretty big since it is the second biggest city in the state. You all thought it was San Francisco, didn’t you? Nope, SF is currently the fourth-largest, since San Jose slipped in there to number three. Anyway, just another humiliation for the worst state party in the universe.


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