The BBC put together a handy little sheet that has the top five Republican and Democratic megadonors of the cycle. Let’s have a little fun with this, shall we? Here’s a quiz, and the answers are below the fold. Enjoy!

  1. Out of the top five donors on either side, how many are women?
  2. Minorities?
  3. Under 50?
  4. How many Republicans on the list are in oil and resource extraction?
  5. How many Democrats on the list are from Hollywood?
  6. Does the lowest Republican on the list beat the highest Democrat on the list in terms of total donations?
  7. Where is George Soros on the list?
  8. How many of the donors reside in Texas?
  9. How many are over 80?
  10. When does it all end?

Answers: 1) none, 2) none, 3) one, 4) three, 5) only one!, 6) yes, 7) surprisingly, he’s not on it, 8) four–three Reps and one Dem 9) Two, though Sheldon Adelson is only months away, 10) I wish I knew.


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