A new poll shows Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren. Or does it? To channel Bill Clinton, it depends on how you define the word “new”:

The new poll does not reflect the weeks of controversy around Brown’s co-sponsorship of legislation permitting employers to restrict access to contraception insurance coverage on religious grounds. Brown has sparred with former Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who challenged the senator’s assertion that the policy echoed the late Sen. Edward Kennedy‘s, whom Brown succeeded in a 2010 upset election.

It doesn’t reflect weeks of controversy? When was this thing taken, exactly, last June? Also, a 4.6% margin of error seems a bit high to me. Look, I’m well aware that Brown is going to be tough to topple, there’s a reason these people have retention rates over 90%. But let’s present information that has some semblance of relevance is all I’m saying.

I can definitely believe this though: “Warren showed more strength among the more educated. Among college graduates, 47 percent reported a positive opinion of her, while 28 percent of those with a high school degree or less and 35 percent of those with some college education viewed her positively.” Scott Brown is, along with Ben Nelson, one of the less “with it” members of the Senate, and I suppose those folks want some representation too.

  1. Steve M. says:

    The poll was taken between Jan. 31 and Feb 4, per The Boston Globe.

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