In an absolutely epic article on the woes of today’s GOP by Mike Lofgren, I found this little nugget about Michele Bachman’s role in the debt ceiling debacle that pretty much sums up why Christian fundamentalists are so bad at governing:

What does it matter, anyway, if the country defaults? – we shall presently abide in the bosom of the Lord.

I’ve said it a thousand times before: Why should a fundamentalist politician care about global warming, “side effects” from invading Iran, water table pollution, rampant financial system corruption or any other similar temporal concern when he actually believes (like a majority of evangelicals in this country) that the End Times are upon us and will happen in his lifetime?

  1. and they want a person like that, who picks and chooses what part of the Bible she believes, like totally ignoring stewardship and not judging people. This is not a Christian but just another person who wants you to be forced to believe in their false doctrine. I do realize that most of you believe that all of it is a false doctrine, but is she claims to believe in the teaching found in the Bible then she could at least be consistent

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