So I’m generally of the opinion that most dream analysis is a bunch of hooey.  However, I was curious to know if anyone knew a good source for analyzing a particular type of dream that I’ve had since I was a kid.  I’ve had a recurring theme in my dreams involving all manner of strange and exotic buildings.  They’re usually mine – either I own them or I’ve somehow designed them.  They run the gamut from impossibly tall skyscrapers to, more commonly, strangely-put-together houses or subterranean compounds with all sorts of inaccessible areas or other facets to the structures that I am fascinated by, but usually can’t get to (e.g., a higher floor in a spooky older home, secret passages, huge bunkers with tunnels).  For example, I just dreamed last night of a large downtown building with a structure roughly akin to a 2D mayan temple (i.e., stepped levels going upward on the ends of the width plane toward the center but chopped in half such that the full length of the width plane is just a sheer wall up).

Anywho…  I just find the whole situation more than curious and am wondering why the theme keeps recurring.


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