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It’s from Kevin Drum, who asks: “Did WWII rescue the American economy or not? And if it did, what’s the argument for not trying it again, but without the war?” If I had to give what I consider to be a knee-jerk answer from a right-wing perspective, it would be that WWII created a sense of national purpose in standing together against evil and eliminating all those  National Socialists, clearing the way for new business opportunities in Italy and Germany. New Deal programs, however, just made people lazy by taking away the incentive to give them “real” jobs, sapped the peoples independence and made the government’s books being unbalanced set a bad example for the public on debt. Am I right? It’s a shame that economists don’t take narratives of good and evil into account in making their predictions. Then again, no prominent conservatives believed any of this when a Republican president had a crappy economy, and they won’t when another Republican president has a crappy economy in the future.

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