She’s out of control:

Apparently she did the same thing with a phone interview, too. I have to say that this is just bizarre. I’m not the biggest fan of Piers Morgan but I’ll be damned if he does anything out of line here. What it really shows is that O’Donnell apparently thinks that she deserves to control the conversation almost entirely. It’s surprising that she’s so focused on controlling the appearance and staying on message even though she’s not a politician at this point, merely an author promoting a book, and from this clip it’s unclear even what that message is, aside from “being inspiring” and promoting a book. In any event, it’s shockingly unprofessional, and one immediately remembers why this woman was hopeless as a politician.

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  1. 0whole1 says:

    My question: Why is she safe to insist answers from, but not others?

  2. no surprise there. it’s the era of the republican media echo chamber. bush/cheney’s exclusives at fox news, sharron angle fleeing from reporters, sarah palin eschewing the lamestream media to suckle at the teat of daddy murdoch, and now christine o’donnell. it’s just too bad that real news organizations don’t actually penalize people like this for avoiding real interviews and real journalism.

  3. lol, it’s either my way or the highway. We will talk about what I want to talk about or I will leave you show, as I am the most important thing here, and must be the center of attention. The conceit that she shows simply underlines the problems that she has as a candidate.

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