I really don’t understand what would possess Republican presidential contenders to sign a pledge saying that slavery was a good thing for black families. I understand the need to dogwhistle to reactionaries if you are a Republican. That’s sort of a requirement if you’re doing that thing. But this isn’t a dogwhistle, it’s a full-on screech that anybody listening can hear. I have no doubt that a lot of Tea Party types do believe this “fact”, but not all Republicans do and even some that do will blanch after having it spelled out in just that way. Which is saying something, but I won’t get sidetracked here. On the other hand, it is sort of refreshing to actually hear them say it without all the winks and nudges.

So the thing has turned into a huge debacle that will probably wind up hurting the campaigns of Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. Santorum doesn’t have a chance and is basically just running to stay noticed for FOX gigs and the like, which are likely going to become fewer and farther between as the time when he was a relevant political figure shrinks ever farther into the past. Bachmann, though, actually does stand a decent chance of going somewhere, though that somewhere is not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She could get the nomination, though. Bachmann will probably only experience modest fallout for this among the primary electorate, but establishmentarians who see her as an extremist who’s out of her depth are going to find another point to back them up as they go shopping for an anti-Romney candidate. I know Bachmann is a nutty extremist who is out of her depth, but honestly, is she that bad when it comes to hiding it? I guess we knew that already, but I suppose theoretically she could have learned a little something since the good old days of her McCarthyist wannabe act over on Hardball.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    there really is very little that i understand less than the GOP’s furtive attempts to magically shrug off the mantle of racial insensitivity and — in a herculean feat that even the bastard spawn of machiavelli and lee atwater couldn’t pull off — somehow claim that democrats are the ones that are the REAL racists. what, with all the welfare and handouts keeping all the young black bucks eating steak and talking on cell phones and buying bling with food stamp money, and so on. … erm, what was i saying? i just threw up a little in my mouth just then.

  2. 0whole1 says:

    “…is she that bad when it comes to hiding it?”

    She’s married to a probably-gay pray-away-the-gay guy:

    She “fled the interview” with two women, claiming, and I paraphrase slightly, “Tha lebsians, they’re trying to infiltrate my pants” or somesuch:

    So, yes.

    “… a full-on screech that anybody listening can hear.”

    I reckon *this* is where they’re coming from:

    Look up “Southern Slavery, As It Was” (Canon Press, 1996) for more, if you can stand it.

    Also, the author of the above screed and Chris Hitchens (I think) used to have an annual god-off at the university of idaho.

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