Though I am on limited duty for the time being, as there is much to catch up on. I’m sure I’ll have something for you this afternoon, though scanning stuff briefly I’ve noticed that the debt ceiling situation has gone pretty much the exact way I thought it would go. I didn’t need to live and die through umpteen rounds of dumb drama to know that the Democrats would fold, they chose to play a game rigged against them and the results are now sadly apparent. I’ve come to the conclusion that Democrats can’t win the deficit game politically, it was true during Clinton’s days, it was true during the health care reform debate and it is true now. It’s a shame that this whole thing has turned into a second-rate political version of The House Of Mirth but there was no other way it could have turned out, really.

Anyway, I’ve been with a bunch of family over in Gills Rock, Wisconsin, as part of a family reunion. It went quite well, lots of fun, and being in a different environment is a great thing for breaking up one’s habits and ways of thinking. Even more helpful: dreadful cell reception that kept me from checking the news even if I wanted to. It wasn’t entirely a politics-free week, as I saw plenty of signs out for the state’s recall elections, even a few billboards, which is usually pretty pricey for state legislature races. It made me realize that this whole story is a really big deal, something that’s permeated a lot deeper into the state than the sparse coverage of it to date has indicated. They’re more like medium-high profile congressional races than state senate races based on the local coverage, advertising, and interest. But that was really only peripheral to a week that mostly consisted of eating, swimming, and talking to people. It was really sort of a perfect break, and now I feel ready to get back to business later today. Thanks to Metavirus for picking up the slack left by my absence with his incisive wit, and it’s good to be back.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    welcome back! so much to discuss! :)

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