I was looking at a picture of newly-minted insane person David Mamet’s glasses, and they immediately reminded me of the awful specs that Tom Daschle wore during his confirmation hearings. Is it any wonder that the Administration cut him loose instead of Tim Geithner after the nation got a good look at those things? Considering Geithner’s role in the Administration, those glasses have cost this nation a lot…

Anyway, here’s Mr. Mamet:

David Mamet

And here’s rejected Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle:

Tom Daschle

Honorable mention goes to the many awful pairs of glasses that Robert De Niro wears in Casino. This should give you a taste. Anyway, I’ve never seen two men worse-served by their glasses than these two. Who’s worse? I’m tempted to go with Mamet’s, but the red of Daschle’s is so incongrous that it simply has to be there to get people to look more at Tom Daschle. Nice. It’s a tough call, but I gotta go with Mamet. What do you think? Is there an older guy with worse glasses that I’m ignoring? Hie thee to the comments!

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