The first time this cycle a politician has gotten busted for using a song without permission. You’d think they’d learn to pick up a phone and ask eventually, but I guess not. Anyway, while I understand the sentiment she’s going for, the lyrics reveal that American Girl is actually a melancholy song about a girl who leaves home for a boy with a headful of hopes, loses him, and finds herself alone and depressed at the end, standing alone on her balcony as the cars go by. Not exactly the sort of narrative that politicians want to put forward, but as with Reagan and “Born In The USA” by Bruce Springsteen, politicians generally figure that one on-the-nose line is enough. In that case, I have a recommendation for Bachmann’s next campaign song:

Oh, and I can hear the complaints from right-wingers already about how liberal singers won’t let them use any songs. Well, might I recommend the catalog of Ted Nugent, and…did Mike Love do any solo work apart from the Beach Boys? Pretty sure he was a Republican. Oh, wait, how about this?

Okay, that might be the the most awesomely terrible combination of bad lyrics and a horrible singer ever in the world. BUT HE’S DEFINITELY RIGHT-WING (though the song is a little hippyish for today’s GOP, I guess).

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  1. Christopher Foust says:

    Bruce Springsteen most overrated artist of all time, but Born In The USA really superb song.

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