Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Only if Jerry Lewis weren’t just acting like an idiot:

Less than an hour before Mitt Romney was to announce his second bid for the White House in New Hampshire, Sarah Palin appeared in Romney’s hometown and set about picking apart the health care plan he supported as governor of Massachusetts, suggesting it may be a fatal flaw for his candidacy.

Surrounded by reporters for several minutes while visiting the Bunker Hill monument along Boston’s Freedom Trail, Palin delivered her unvarnished opinions of the Romney heath care plan, which mandated that Massachusetts residents purchase health insurance or else face penalties.

“In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing, obviously and I am not the only to say so, but obviously there will be more explanation coming from Gov. Romney for his support of government mandates,” said Palin, on day five of her “One Nation” bus tour of historic sites on the East Coast.

Yet another sign that Palin’s running? Maybe. Why else would she dump all over Romney’s announcement? That’s practically bad sportsmanship. Seriously, though, I could live with the next year being one where Romney tries to run a serious campaign, giving major speeches and all, while Palin constantly messes with him with her patented silly antics and tries to steal attention every chance she gets. I doubt Romney would crack under the pressure, but it would at least be entertaining.

(h/t PWire)

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  1. Metavirus says:

    This is a great encapsulation of how a stupid demagogue’s mind works:

    In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing,

    Ah, the absolute mind.

    What happens when we ask “Hey, what about laws requiring motorists to buy car insurance?” Probably a bunch of sputter like “Um, well, I didn’t really mean ‘ANY’ mandates, just ones that piss me off.”

    • Lev says:

      Depends on how you define mandate, too. Really, when you think about it, all laws are mandates. Most of them are negative mandates in the sense of “don’t do this,” but I’m not sure there’s really that big a difference.

      • Metavirus says:

        what you just said right there would probably make palin’s head explode in an interview. like asking about the bush doctrine.

        “Well, gee whiz, Charlie Gibson, I don’t think that the good people of America — also too the fierce Mama Grizzlies in my great state of Alaska — support that kind of liberal negativity in our politics, like when they’re negative about mandates.”

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