For those of us paying attention, this isn’t much of a surprise:

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll shows registered voters now favor a generic Democrat over a Republican in next year’s congressional election, 50% to 46%. The poll also shows women and non-college voters, both of whom supported Republicans in 2010, now supporting Democrats by 10 points and nine points, respectively.

And it’s no blip either. Check out this chart:

Now, the most important fact here is that Republicans are losing support much faster than Democrats are gaining it. But it is a sign of voters being turned off by the agenda and attitude of Republicans over the past four months. It certainly means that Democrats will have a shot at winning them back.

This really shouldn’t be too surprising. Republicans think that 2010 was a return to sanity after four years of madness. I always figured it was the other way around. The GOP have moved aggressively on every level to implement policies they never campaigned on, to advocate for issues that didn’t suddenly become popular, and in many cases they’ve showed contempt for the preferences of the public and the fineries of the legal system (see Walker, Scott). That’s an attitude that, more often than not, will bite you in the ass. Let’s hope this trend keeps continuing. And it is my sincere hope that the next election will rid us of the intellectually bankrupt, unscrupulous, heartless and arrogant Republicans in Washington.


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