Nate Silver has a very good argument for how Rick Perry could get the Republican nomination. It’s pretty solid, though the results of Googling “Rick Perry HPV vaccine” would be an obvious hitch in evangelical-heavy Iowa (even though mandating that women get the vaccine was the right thing to do, sadly he couldn’t stand up to the woman-haters). Still, he’d be a strong contender for the nomination, if that’s the worst he’s got on him.

It just reminds me of a thing I saw a few years back with Ross Douthat and Matt Yglesias, when Yglesias mentioned Perry as a contender and Douthat literally laughed at the suggestion and dismissed it without much argument (I’m sure I could find a link if I tried, but I really don’t want to wade through a bunch of BH clips from four years ago to find the right one, just trust me on this). Apparently back in 2008, the notion of Perry as the Republican nominee was literally laughable by a knowledgeable right-wing pundit. Now, he’s the only chance to save the party, apparently. Someone who was four years ago dismissed as a ridiculous notion is now considered superior to all the other candidates in the running. And they said 2008 was a bad year for Republican candidates…

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