I have a bunch of things set aside to blog about, but I just don’t have enough to say about them individually to constitute full blog posts. I did this once before, and I’m doing it again:

  • Apparently birtherism is palpably declining. This is a surprise to me, though I suspect that Obama producing his long-form certificate was only indirectly responsible for this, as the bigger reason was probably GOP elites no longer having a place to go to appease the birthers and finally siding against them.
  • It’s not so much George W. Bush’s pettiness that surprises me anymore, it’s his stubborn inability to display any sort of personal growth.
  • “This all kind of raises the question, however, of why the Republican leadership pushed Paul Ryan’s Medicare privatization plan in the first place. Obviously the fact that they favor privatizing Medicare played some role in that. But conventional wisdom is that the smart time to push a major piece of politically controversial legislation is when you can pass it into law. […] So what’s the point in asking vulnerable members of congress to vote for taking away seniors’ health care benefits?” Yglesias, reminding us that as much as we gripe about Obama’s negotiating skills, Eric Cantor’s are way worse. Obama might give away some concessions ahead of time, but Cantor (and his caucus) cut off their own arms to show how crazy they are.
  • Gabby Giffords would win the Senate race in Arizona.
  • I’m really glad that the A.V. Club’s Cult Canon chose to cover Double Team. It’s one of the most entertainingly trashy movies I’ve ever seen, and the exposition scenes with Dennis Rodman (yes, the ballplayer) and Jean Claude Van Damme are so awkward that any high school theater group could easily best them. (Rodman: “I wouldn’t talk so tough if I were you. Last guy talked like that to me got his head stuck up his ass.” Van Damme, after about four seconds of pausing: “I’m not eeenterested in your sex life.”) If you’re into such things, do check it out.
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