I guess it’ll have to wait. They didn’t even let it come to a vote in the lower house. I just don’t understand this. The national polls show near-even levels of support and opposition for marriage equality. In a liberal state like Maryland, it’s support has got to be higher.  And yet, no bill. Here’s a quote:

The bill had significant momentum coming out of the Senate but ran into resistance in the Democratic-led House from African-American lawmakers from Prince George’s County, who cited religious opposition in their districts, and conservative Democrats in Southern Maryland and the Baltimore suburbs.

I guess I just don’t understand this. Does anyone actually think that huge numbers of black people are going to vote Republican because their Delegate voted for gay marriage? Of course not. After all, Governor Martin O’Malley is for equality and he won last year in a Republican year in a landslide. Ditto Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown. Is there a plausible profile of a swing voter who makes decisions on who to vote for based on gay marriage? No evidence of it so far as I can see. This is just such bullshit–they’re afraid. Of what, I have no idea, but withdrawing the vote is just a cowardly act. NOM won this one, and it’s just irritating to lose to scumbags like them. But at least I can take comfort that they’re losing this war faster than ever before. I’m tempted to be uncharitable here, so I’ll just say that some primary campaigns might be in order, and that a lot of consciences should not be easily assuaged after this.

Update: slight wording change.

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