I’ve been watching the miniseries Carlos, about Carlos The Jackal. It’s pretty great. It’s I believe a French miniseries, but it’s mostly in English and Spanish. Very similar feel to the Bourne films, and there’s all kinds of awesome in it: probably the steeliest French guy ever in a hostage scene, a really gripping installment about a raid on an OPEC conference, and ultimately a very fascinating portrait of Carlos himself. He comes off here as someone desperate to gain approval and justification from everyone he can, even his victims, though even during his “idealistic” period he wasn’t much more than a self-aggrandizing thug either. I still have yet to watch the last installment, but I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I’d recommend checking it out. Miniseries are a substantial time commitment, but I’m generally a fan of the format, as not all ideas are cut out to be full-fledged TV series but warrant more time than just a single movie. And Carlos is one of the better ones I’ve seen.

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  1. Larro says:

    Right up my alley.

    Thanks for sharing! Gonna put it in my queue.

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