Remember John “Where Are The JOBS!?” Boehner?

Well, I think he answered his own question – he kidnapped them and is going to throw them into the shredder:

At a press conference yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told reporters that if some federal jobs were lost as a result of his proposed spending cuts, “so be it.”

How many jobs are we talking about? According to federal budget expert Scott Lilly at the Center for American Progress, Boehner’s proposed spending cuts could kill almost 1 million jobs.

Lilly ran the numbers for Dana Milbank of the Washington Post:

using the usual multipliers, [Lilly] calculated that the cuts – a net of $59 billion in the last half of fiscal 2011 – would lead to the loss of 650,000 government jobs, and the indirect loss of 325,000 more jobs as fewer government workers travel and buy things. That’s nearly 1 million jobs – possibly enough to tip the economy back into recession.

Can someone find any serious evidence out there that Republicans are interested in anything other than policies that kill jobs?

  1. Schu says:

    All the GOP cares about is winning the next election, not in how well the nation is. As long as they get theirs, in direct payoffs from mega-corporations, or as a paid lobbies, the rest of us can go to h-ll in a hand basket.

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