This post is pretty informative. It’s amazing how the Catholic Church is qualitatively different in its emphasis on the abortion issue from Protestantism. I grew up in Protestantism and went to church my entire childhood and young adulthood. I’ve been to a lot of different churches in my day, ranging from churches with an overt evangelical bent to ones that are your basic, slick, inoffensive megachurches. And I have to say that the number of abortion messages I sat through during all that time was approximately zero. I mean, you knew that most people going to these places were conservative, but by and large the Protestant churches I went to were hesitant to enter into politics, aside from maybe an offhand comment or two from the pastor. When I went to Catholic services for a few months (because I was dating a Catholic at the time), I was actually shocked by how political they were–I think there was about one abortion sermon per month. Not just a side note or a, “Hey, here’s something to consider while voting.” Full-on sermons. It was pretty surprising to me.

Now, as I’ve said before, I sympathize with pro-lifers even though I disagree with them. And the Catholic Church is welcome to preach on whatever they want. But when you get down to it, your beliefs on abortion don’t really have much of a bearing on how you life your life day-to-day. It doesn’t really affect how you treat other people or on what your priorities are, on whether you believe in God or not and whether you choose to give of yourself. Some might consider those the actual point of Christianity.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    it really makes me sick how much certain religious people emphasize things like abortion and gays, while totally ignoring the killing of innocents in war, etc.

    a person’s priorities are very revealin

    • Lev says:

      You and me both. It’s why I ran away from religion for quite a long while.

    • Gherald says:

      E.g. the fact that many religious adults and older teens are perfectly willing to watch a movie with gruesomely immoral violence, but freak out when there’s swearing or a sex scene.

      I don’t think I’ll ever understand this disparity : S

      • Lev says:

        Indeed. Obviously, though, what a movie says about violence or sex is more important than the mere fact that it depicts it. Gallipoli and Commando are both films with quite a bit of violence in them, but with very different messages about whether it’s acceptable.

        Lot of philistinism among religious folks, sadly, though this is starting to get off topic.

        • Gherald says:

          I guess I belong to the camp of Christianity that maintains an open critical mind. Viewing something with “message of acceptability” that I disagree with isn’t going to change my mind about that acceptability w/o good reason.

          I wouldn’t want my future pre-teen children watching such a message without guidance, but once they’re thinking people I don’t see myself freaking out. We’ll just discuss anything wrong and come to reasonable conclusions about it : )

  2. Gherald says:

    I’m better acquainted with Protestant anti-abortionism, having grown up in that crowd.

    I’m Catholic now (began RCIA last Sunday), and my stance on abortion is fairly nuanced, but in general:

    (a) I’m morally opposed to most abortions that are actually performed, but take the libertarian legal position

    (b) I don’t much resent the Church preaching a more extreme stance against all abortion, as I see it as aspirational (similar to contraception)

    (c) I wish my Church and other organizations would stick to preaching to their adherents or potential converts and stay away from the legal politics. There’s a lot more good to be done by, for example, encouraging adoption. (I personally hope to adopt or be a foster parent after having some kids of my own)

    • Metavirus says:

      but what about all the time energy and money that is overspent blaring around about abortion. aren’t there much more important fights to be fought?

      • Gherald says:

        Like I said, I think it makes sense for the Church to preach to its adherents and potential converts.

        Time and energy “overspent blaring around” is certainly better put elsewhere…

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