Egypt Opinion of the US

They like us, they sort of like us!

Egypt actually has fairly positive views of America. Egyptians don’t like Israel at all, though. As I was periodically checking in with Mid-East unrest over the weekend I was wondering just how panicked Benjamin Netanyahu must be, since the regimes that Israel’s peace depends on are led by autocrats who can impose peace despite popular opposition. It turns out: he’s fucking panicked. One wonders whether this wave of uprisings will actually make the Middle East more democratic, about which I have my doubts, though ElBaradei has always struck me as a decent guy and he’d be an improvement over Mubarak. It seems like it could pressure Israel into actually resolving the Palestinian conflict lest they be suddenly surrounded by hostile, popular democracies who would use it as a rallying point against them. Even for a greater Israel type like Bibi, there’s a certain logic to dealing with it now. Perhaps I’m being too hopeful. I guess we’ll see.

Still, it’s interesting that America actually is fairly popular. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising. I was talking to a friend of mine a while ago who is from the general area and has spent significant time in the Middle East, and he insisted that Egypt was the most liberal and modern of all the Middle Eastern countries, and it formed the counterbalance to the much more conservative regimes of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Just something to keep in mind the next time you hear sweeping generalizations about how the whole Middle East hates America.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    weird how their opinion of us went up after bush was kicked to the curb. are you saying the washington post is wrong when they say that “bush was right” (“proof is in the streets of Cairo”). lol

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