I can’t believe that the AP actually put this out. Its sole point is expressed in its headline:

Some question pep rally atmosphere at Obama speech

Some conservative commentators are criticizing the cheering and peppiness of the Arizona mass shooting memorial that featured President Barack Obama.

Some have wondered whether it was a scripted political event, but White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday he and other aides didn’t expect Obama’s speech to receive as much applause as it did.

Some people might call this bad, insipid writing, nearly bad enough to make journalistic saint H.L. Mencken rise from his grave and deliver a rant that would make his William Jennings Bryan obituary look tame.

Some might say that an article that contains merely one single quote–one that probably came via a Drudge link–and that clocks in at all of 116 words while lazily repeating assumptions and offering no new context or information, and could easily have been generated by a seventh-tier conservative blog in about two minutes–is just a waste on every level.

Lev, a blogger at Library Grape, called the piece “bad, insipid writing, […] a waste on every level” but admitted that he didn’t like the piece.

And for the two (!!!) people who created this thing, I’ll like to send you both a copy of a much better-written book:

Favre: The Total Package book

You might want to skip the holographic trading card...

  1. jeebus tapdancing christmas. this really is the point to which we’ve sunk as a country, isn’t it?  all-conflict-all-the-time.  it just makes me sick.  i often waver on who i blame most for how we’ve fallen.  our debased news culture is always at or near the top of the list.

    • Lev says:

      To be fair, they’ve added to it since I posted it. But on the other hand, they made it even worse. This little gem is in there now:

      But the choreographed nature of the event was too much for some.

      “Can’t the Democrat political stage managers give it a break just once?,” conservative commentator MichelleMalkin wrote in a column on her website, then questioned the lack of White House interaction with the university.

      That’s right. She’s impartial.

      BTW, I’d definitely recommend reading that Bryan obit. I think you’d like it.

    • Lev says:

      It gets worse the more I think about it. Republicans’ feelings literally are a story now. Ugh.

  2. 0whole1 says:

    Heh — “package”.

  3. Metavirus says:

    i missed the fact that this little bit of gossipmongering took TWO people to write.    edward r murrow wept

    • Lev says:

      No, that makes sense. There’s lots of information on Drudge’s page. You have to have two people constantly refreshing in case you miss something.

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