The whipsaw effect of electing Obama in 2008 and then electing two floors from the recently closed insane asylum in 2010 has just about ripped my head off.

Lest you think the only thing that happened last night was anointing John Boehner and Michelle Bachmann as king and queen of all they survey, bear in mind one instance of the scores of other reactionary bullshit that happened yesterday:

A very depressing result in Iowa as all three Justices who voted for marriage equality in the state constitution are removed after a brutal campaign against them by NOM. This has never happened before in Iowa’s history of allowing such votes since 1962. NOM is also trying to remove marriage rights from gay couples in New Hampshire – and they may have secured a veto-proof majority to rip gay couples legally apart.

Jeebus help me to my keep my sanity intact.


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