Wow, what a shocker.  We now find out that most of the people that are ginned up about the Islamic community center in downtown NYC are primarily driven not by “sensitivity” for the white Christian victims of 9/11, but by blatant anti-Muslim bias:

We now have clear evidence that there’s a direct link between public anti-Islam sentiment and public opposition to the construction of Cordoba House, a.k.a. the “Ground Zero mosque.”

The evidence can be found in the internals of the new Washington Post poll on Islam and the planned center, and it was provided to me by Post polling director Jon Cohen. The numbers directly contradict the claim by opponents that public opposition to the project is not linked to broader anti-Islam sentiment, and is only rooted in a desire to be sensitive to 9/11 families or to respect Ground Zero as hallowed ground.

The poll’s toplines show that 66 percent of Americans oppose the Islamic center. Separately, a plurality, 49 percent, has generally unfavorable views of Islam.
But it’s the intersection of these numbers revealed in the internals that proves the point.

Here’s the rub: According to the internals sent my way, opposition to the “Ground Zero mosque” is overwhelmingly driven by those with an unfavorable view of Islam:

* Fifty-five percent of those who have favorable views of the religion say it should be built.

* Meanwhile, among those who have an unfavorable view of Islam, an overwhelming 87 percent say the project shouldn’t be built, with 74 percent strongly opposed.

As John Cole put it in his “Another Entry From The “No Shit” Department” post:

In other words, bigotry is the motivating force behind the anti-mosque sentiment. I’m shocked to learn this.

But yet the mainstream media will churn on and on in its “all sides have something valid to say” charade.

And the wheel of imperial decline rolls downward, ever downward…

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  1. Paul F says:

    What is the evidence for things that should make me feel positive about Islam

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