Last month our host posted trashy Keesha music, so I recoiled by trying to drown it out with better pop.  He mentioned, however, that though Janelle Monáe mixes many styles this was “less pop and more modern retro r&b jazz funk”.

Fine; I’ve taken this as an excuse to indulge my own guilty pleasures troll for another selection. After an entertaining exhausting search, I’ve settled on what’s gotta be the Library Grape theme song:

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  1. Rooker says:

    I like this video better. Protest against homophobia by some French organization:
    [youtube UV26OMSb_VQ youtube]

  2. Metavirus says:

    omg, i am in love with this song now too! and, yes, you're quite right -- a VERY appropriate library grape theme song!

  3. Metavirus says:

    P.S. for the record, its Ke$ha! :)

  4. Metavirus says:

    i especially love the background piano line that sounds like a TV show intro jingle or a christmas song

  5. ChristopherTK says:


    …and another hook.

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