So I just got a letter from Bank America saying that they are discontinuing the most important tool in my bill management toolbox in a couple of months.  For at least eight or so years, I have been using their online “Bill Pay Choice” service to pay merchants like my electric company, cable provider and now even the bank holding my mortgage using my BofA credit card.  This has been super-handy because my paychecks have always come in every-other-Friday, rather than, say, the 1st and 15th of each month.  This way, I can always pay a bill just before it’s due and then pay back the credit card a few days later when the paycheck comes in.

Well, all that is over.  Eight years of painless bill management, not to mention the method I use to pay literally ALL of my bills — deleted on the whim of some bailed-out BofA executive.

Fuck you very much, Bank of America.

  1. dandalion says:

    I agree! BoA does suck that's why I don't bank with them anymore.

  2. schu says:

    Lol, join a large credit union that still offers that service free or at a low cost. The banks are discontinuing or over charging for this service to make up money from the banking reforms.

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